Project structure

WP1 - Heavy metals in ash and in the environment

1) Database of existing analyses of heavy metals in bio-ash
2) Heavy metal analyses of organisms and soils
3) Ash from a large power plant, spatial and temporal variation

WP2 - Field experiments, formulation of ash products

1) Establishment of field experiments
2) Sampling and analyses of field experiments
3) Formulation and improved ashes
4) Model experiments on heavy metal movement in soil

WP 3 - Eco-toxicology

1) Literature survey and review on ash eco-toxicology
2) Protozoa
3) Soil animals
4) Fungal growth
5) Eco-toxicology of improved ashes

WP4 - Bioaccumulation and food webs

1) Ash effects on food web structure
2) Relationship between Cd accumulation and food web complexity
3) Cd accumulation in key soil animals in field experiments
4) Cd accumulation in fungi
5) Heavy metals in plants

WP5 - Ecosystem services

1) Carbon sequestration
2) Green house gasses
3) Nature quality